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Packaging Promise

How we are doing it

In 2018, Strings and Things joined the UK Plastic Pact, implemented by WRAP. This brings together businesses across the entire plastic value chain with UK governments and NGO’s to tackle the source of plastic waste. Unfortunately, turning our plastic packaging into a sustainable solution isn’t as easy as it sounds. We need to ensure that packaging does the job it’s supposed to – keeping our cheese and yogurt fresh and safe to eat. We are working tirelessly to find a packaging solution that is 100% recyclable, whilst keeping our products 100% safe to eat in order to meet our 2025 targets.

Our 2025 Targets

All packaging to be 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable

Use a minimum of 30% food-safe recycled plastic

Remove all single-use plastic

Looking forward

On top of all of this, we are continually looking for and testing new ways to reduce, recycle and remove plastic packaging.

Plastic is great for keeping food safe and hygienic, it’s lightweight and protects food from damage. So by using a thinner plastic for our Strings & Things outer bags, we will remove 30 Tonnes of plastic each year.

We have reduced our packaging on Cheestrings by 20% which is equivalent to removing 13 million packs of Cheestrings from circulation, that is enough Cheestrings wrappers to cover 34 football fields.

30 Tonnes of plastic =

13 Million individual packs of Cheestrings

Enough Cheestrings wrappers to cover 34 football fields

What can you do to help reduce plastic pollution?

Start by visiting – – to find out which packaging is recyclable. It is super important to not recycle packaging that isn’t recyclable! This will help to reduce contamination of the recycling stream & improve the quality of recycled plastic.

To find out how to recycle your Strings and Things packaging, search for “plastic bags and wrapping”.

Got some questions?
We're here to help!

Why can’t you remove all plastic packaging?
Plastic packaging is the best for keeping our food safe & hygienic. It reduces food waste & is lighter than alternatives which can cut carbon emissions from transport.

Why is your packaging not already recyclable?
Recycling systems for packaging like Strings & Things are still being developed. We are reducing the amount of plastic we use, and testing packaging that is ‘designed for recyclability’ until the recycling systems are in place.

Why don’t you use recycled plastic for your packaging?
Currently, not all types of plastic are safe for food use once they have been recycled.