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Cheestrings Twisted product shot
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Cheestrings is our biggest dairy snacking brand and has become a household staple over the past 23 years, with 4 million Cheestrings bought by over 27,000 households every year.

Each cheestring contains as much calcium as a glass of milk (180ml) and is made from real cheese which is heated and stretched to make it stringy and playful. Cheestrings really are good food made fun, they are fortified with Vitamin D and are only 61 calories per String!

Cheeshapes Randoms product shot
Cheeshapes Icons product shot


The newest addition to the strings and Things family is Cheeshapes! As with all Strings and Things innovations, they have been co-designed by Kids and approved by parents.

Cheeshapes are available in two different packs – Randoms and Icons – each providing a different source of imaginative play that brings creativity to children’s snacking. Each shape is made of real cheese; providing a source of Calcium and Vitamin D, while containing under 71 calories per pack.

Yollies Vanilla product shot
Yollies Raspberry product shot
Yollies Strawberry product shot


A super popular choice with Parents and kids alike, our unique yoghurt lolly is a no mess way of enjoying the healthy goodness of a yogurt.

Each Yollie is under 50 calories and a source of calcium, and fortified with Vitamin D. They make the perfect choice for little ones’ lunchboxes and make a great snack, after school, straight out of the box, or even frozen!


Strings & things are good food made fun, without mess or stress. The home of healthy & tasty snacks, perfect for lunchboxes or after-school treats.

Our Strings & Things range is stocked in store and online at Sainsburys, Tesco, Asda, and Morrisons and any many more…