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Made to nourish imagination, inspire creativity and nurture invention

Cheestrings, the iconic brand loved by kids and parents since 1996. Stringy goodness, made fun!

The best things in life come twisted! Just like helter skelters or the twist and shout or hairbraids

Indulge in a cheesy adventure with Cheestrings Pizza! Unleash a burst of flavour that combines the fun of Cheestrings with the classic taste of pizza

A delightful assortment of cheesy goodness that caters for every craving! From classic favourites to our exciting new pizza flavour, all in one convenient pack.

A perfect duo of cheesy goodness that makes snack time twice as enjoyable!

Made thick so it stays on the stick! The goodness of yoghurt, made fun

Great for lunches, trips to the park or as a handy snack in between meals