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Our Story

The nation’s favourite childhood snack has been delighting the tastes of kids and parents for over 20 years!


24 years ago, Mr.Cheestrings invented a string cheese product that he knew would revolutionise lunchboxes in the UK.

Cheestrings launches in Britain & Ireland with a new TV advert and product tagline “Real A-peelable Cheese”. Introducing new delicious and fun flavours such as Cheddar, Twister, Smoky Bacon and Pizza, Cheestrings went viral with sales of €16 million in the first year.


Kids find the fun in everything, even packaging! In 2001, we discovered that kids were playing with our packaging using the numbering system printed on each Cheestring as a game with friends in the playground. Since then, we have actively designed games and trivia on the packaging, adding another layer of entertainment and fun to nourish kids’ imaginations.


Cheestrings has always been about creating fun. In 2002, we actively started to promote how our brand brings fun for kids at school. Take a look for yourself…


1 in every 2 UK households with children were Cheestring consumers, and so Cheestrings expanded across the English channel to France. The brand rebranded as ‘Ficello’ and launched Gouda Emmental Cheese Mix. And International expansion didn’t stop there…


Mr Strings went through a cool new redesign in 2010, giving him a new and exciting way to interact with parents and kids alike! Here he is making the most out of the summer holidays with a quick dip in the sea.


Another amazing year start for us in 2011 we launched in Germany and Belgium and added our new Cheestrings Spaghetti to our product offering. Cheestrings Spaghetti was the shape and thickness of spaghetti but made with cheese, heated and stretched like mozzarella. It was exciting new approach to cheese, and can be twisted, rolled, plaited and strung, making them an exciting lunchtime snack.


As we grew and expanded in the early 2010’s we continued to go from strength to strength with further expansion into Poland and Austria. We also launched the new Pizza flavour Cheestrings!


The launch of the world’s first yoghurt on a stick – Yollies! A delicious fruity yoghurt on a lolly stick, offering an exciting way to get calcium and vitamin D into children’s diets.


Anyone remember The Brave Bones Club? Of course you do! Our club was built to inspire kids to be a part of a creative platform that encourages bravery through active play.


Cheestrings was brought into our brand spanking new Masterbrand – Strings & Things. Now we aren’t just home to two of the coolest snacking brands – Cheestrings & Yollies – but three! Our newest NPD Cheeshapes launched into the market, the first product that moulds 100% real cheese into fun shapes!

Now there’s a whole range of strings &things

Cheestrings has evolved into ‘Strings and Things’ the new Masterbrand for our entire portfolio of fun and healthy snacks for kids, providing parents with a fun and great tasting alternative to crisps and chocolate for their kids’ to snack on.

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