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100% real cheese

Rich in calcium for healthy bones

No artificial colours, flavour or preservatives

Fun shapes created with kids

The biggest Cheese launch ever. Cheeshapes. Made by kids, for kids

Cheeshapes Icons are bags of real cheese pieces, co-created by kids. Each piece is shaped into exciting emojis or completely random randomness to fuel children’s imaginations and provide nutritional goodness.

Ingredients: Cheestrings is an unripened cheese. Medium fat hard cheese. Allergy Advice: Contains Milk

Typical Value

per 100g

per 22.5g

Energy 1310kJ 295kJ
315kcal 71kcal
Fat 23g 5.2g
(of which saturates) 14.5g 3.3g
Carbohydrate 0g 0g
(of which sugars) 0g 0g
Protein 27g 6.1g
Salt 1.8g 0.4g
Calcium 716mg 161mg
(=90% of NRV*) (=20% NRV*)

What are Cheeshapes made of?

100% cheese, nothing else.

How do you make the shapes?

We use milk from happy, grass-fed cows and turn it into cheese. We then heat the cheese and mould them into seriously fun shapes – entertaining and delicious.

How did you select the random shapes?

All our shapes have been co-created and designed with kids and mums to ensure we have the best mixture of surprising and fun shapes in each pack.

Are Cheeshapes suitable for the lunchbox?

Each Cheeshapes pack has 3 Snack Packs inside, making them great for school lunches, trips to the park or as handy snack in between meals.

As with all dairy products, they should be kept in an insulated lunchbox to keep them cool and tasty until lunch.

Why is calcium important?

Calcium helps keep bones and teeth healthy and strong. Children aged 4 to 10 years need between 450mg and 550mg of calcium per day and 11 to 18-year olds need almost twice as much. It is also needed by the body to regulate muscle contractions (including the heart) and to make sure blood clots.

How can I make sure my child is eating enough calcium?

Calcium rich foods such as, dairy food, green leafy vegetables (but not spinach), soya beans, nuts, bread made with fortified flour and fish where you eat the bones (such as sardines and pilchards)…and Cheeshapes!

It may not surprise parents that some children don’t like some of those foods. So, Cheeshapes can be a real help as a source of calcium as part of a balanced diet.

Plus, they are fun to eat and taste great!

Find all them all!

Cheeshapes Icons an exciting new product from the brand that brought you Cheestrings.

Cheeshapes Icons are bags of real cheese pieces, shaped into exciting emojis that let the cheese do the talking!

Each bag of Cheeshapes is rich in calcium so they’re healthy as well as being fun. Which Cheeshape will be your favourite?

Individual Snack Packs

Each Cheeshapes Icons pack has 3 Snack Pack inside making them great for school lunches, trips to the park or as handy snack in between meals, Cheeshapes are fun and healthy goodness for all!

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